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BRELS CPU Balancer is a GNU/GPL console utility intended to set the affinity mask of all running processes (except by protected processes like AVP.exe, from Kaspersky, and Windows XP system process), making a balanced distribution of tasks across all system's logical processors, according to Windows' scheduling scheme (affinity mask is only a indication to the OS, not a definitive value).

The idea for such an utility came when I purchased a new computer featuring Intel Core i7 920 processor, which sports four cores in HyperThreading, with a total of eight logical processors to Windows. Being a Windows XP user, I noticed that process execution was restricted to a single core, resulting in high system CPU usage waste. In the attempt to find how to solve the problem, I came across Process Lasso, which inspired me to release my own alternative, way simpler. BRELS CPU Balancer is scheduled to run every five minutes, in order to keep the system optimized (attention: the task must be scheduled manually, the utility runs once and quits).

In order to verify the task distribution across the logical cores, run task manager and watch cores' usage.

Warning: this utility is unnecessary under Windows 7, since the scheduler already balances the tasks optimally and using the utility may affect its behavior.

To schedule a task to run Cpu Balancer every five minutes, run this in command prompt (works in XP/Vista/Seven):

SCHTASKS /Create /SC MINUTE /MO 5 /TN BrelsCpuBalancer /TR BrelsCPUBalancer.exe /ST 00:00

Download BRELS CPU Balancer v0.01