FFXIV Bard Performance Macros

UPDATE: As of Patch 4.2, performance has its own UI and you don't need to assign notes to hotbars. You can still use these macros to extend and quick-swap hotbars, though. This assumes hotbars 1 to 4 are NOT SHARED.

Check my javascript for an improvised "light theme" to Ariyala

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DISCLAIMER: you can mess your keybinds and may need to redo them if you don't read carefully. Use the builtin backup from the launcher beforehand for the case you need to revert.

The new Bard performance actions give us the ability to play harp notes ingame (three octaves plus one, from C4 to C7). As a new feature, it comes severely limited. You can only play the notes from the actions window or replace your existing battle/utility keybinds. No idea how it is with controller.

In order to have a quick way to switch keybinds between normal Bard actions and performance actions, I made use of the spare keybind slots from unused classes that became jobs. In my testings, one does not need to have the classes (like GLA, MRD) or even jobs unlocked to make use of the spare slots!


The first step is to backup your current BRD setup in one of these classes, like GLA. Use this macro:

/hotbar copy BRD 1 GLA 1
/hotbar copy BRD 2 GLA 2
/hotbar copy BRD 3 GLA 3
/hotbar copy BRD 4 GLA 4
/echo BRD BATTLE keybinds stored! <se.2>

Once you run it, do not repeat this macro


With your BRD keybinds safely stored, you can override your keybar with the performance actions. Do it your preferred way. Be mindful to not override slots in shared hotbars.


After you finish the layout of your performance notes, it is time to store the performance keybinds in another unused class, like MRD.

/hotbar copy BRD 1 MRD 1
/hotbar copy BRD 2 MRD 2
/hotbar copy BRD 3 MRD 3
/hotbar copy BRD 4 MRD 4
/echo BRD PERFORMANCE keybinds stored! <se.2>

Once you run it, do not repeat this macro


With both the battle and performance actions stored in unused classes, you need permanent macros to change your hotbars to the desired "mode". Do not run any of these macros without preparing with the previous steps!

Invoking performance mode:

/hotbar copy MRD 1 BRD 1
/hotbar copy MRD 2 BRD 2
/hotbar copy MRD 3 BRD 3
/hotbar copy MRD 4 BRD 4
/echo BRD PERFORMANCE active! <se.2>

Invoking battle mode:

/hotbar copy GLA 1 BRD 1
/hotbar copy GLA 2 BRD 2
/hotbar copy GLA 3 BRD 3
/hotbar copy GLA 4 BRD 4
/echo BRD BATTLE active! <se.2>

Unfortunately, you cannot perform in duties and other instances, I have just learned how to play a simplified Chopin's Death March, eager to do it in Rabanastre or Susano'o. It goes as A1 A1 A1 A1 C2 B1 B1 A1 A1 G1 A1