FFXIV Shopping List Generator Alpha 7

After using shopping lists generators available from xivdb.com, ffxivcrafting.com and garlandtools.org, I decided to write my own since none of them fully did exactly what I wanted. Garlandtools is the closest to ideal for me: the results presentation is excellent, but it's extremely cumbersome to input the recipe names.

This utility started as command line program which received the desired recipes as parameters and output a list of needed crafts and materials. I've added a Windows UI on top of the command-line for convenience. It can be compiled ignoring the Windows UI in other platforms (tested only on Ubuntu with GCC).

The program is tuned with self-sufficiency parameters. It doesn't list materials for crafting items that are sold by merchants like Material Suppliers and the ones in city-states' markets (-dcisbm or -dont-craft-items-sold-by-merchants). That option does not pose a problem for cheap materials like Bronze Ingot that are sold in convenient locations, but items sold by Beast Tribe vendors, like Table Salt or Mythrite Nugget, are usually more expensive or require teleport and travelling time. The option -cbti or -craft-beast-tribe-items ignores the restriction and allows them to be crafted.

Another problem that arises with not crafting NPC vendor items comes from augmented gear, like the Wrapped Elm Longbow <- Wrapped Maple Longbow <- Maple Longbow. I prefer to craft the whole chain, since buying them would require additional teleporting and travelling. The option -cmg or -craft-material-gear ensures they are listed.

Where does it get the data from?

It reads the recipe data from garlandtools.org so any template changes there will likely break the program until updated. In order to minimize requests and save bandwidth, a cached copy is stored locally. Subsequent requests will read from the cache. If it ever gets corrupt, the option -rc or -refresh-cache will make requests for updated pages from the web.


This program and its source code are public domain where applicable. No warranties offered, everything disclaimed. FFXIV and related properties are obviously trademark to SquareEnix.

Download FFXIV Shopping List Generator Alpha 7

FFXIV Shopping List generation screenshot.

A typical command-line usage on Windows looks like this:

>start /wait FFXIVShoppingList.exe -oc -dcisbm -cbti -cmg "Eikon Iron Grinding Wheel" "Eikon Iron Lapidary Hammer"
Parameter list:
-v or -verbose
-oc or -omit-crystals
-dcisbm or -dont-craft-items-sold-by-merchants
-cbti or -craft-beast-tribe-items
-cmg or -craft-material-gear
-rc or -refresh-cache
FFXIV Shopping list generator by BRELS Alpha 1
Will generate shopping list with 6 items.
   6 Glass Fiber
   2 Meteorite
   2 Crystallized Sap
   2 Light-kissed Aethersand
   9 Old-growth Camphorwood Log
   6 Borax
   6 Gobcraft Resin
   4 Eikon Metal
   6 Smithsonite Ore
   6 Iron Ore
   1 Scheelite
   1 Ferberite
   1 Cobalt Ore
   3 Raziqsand
   3 Native Gold
   3 Gold Ore
   4 Eikon Mythrite
   6 Lumythrite Ore
   4 Mythrite Ore
   2 Mastercraft Demimateria
   3 Treated Camphorwood Lumber
   1 Wolfram Ingot
   2 High Mythrite Ingot
   2 Eikon Iron Ingot
   3 Gold Ingot
   2 Luminous Fiber (2 x 3 for 6)

Change log

Version Alpha 7 - 2018-09-20:
- Compatibility with GarlandDB v3.
Version Alpha 6 - 2017-12-27:
- Fixed Yield bug in Gazelle Leather.
Version Alpha 5 - 2017-12-12:
- Fixed for GarlandTools changes.
- Improved results display order.
- Some bug fixes.
Version Alpha 4 - 2017-07-26:
- Data source changed from GamerEscape to GarlandTools.
- Changed the output ordering method.
- Some bug fixes.
Version Alpha 3 - 2017-04-19:
- Adapted for new GamerEscape template and HTTPS.
- Now using CURL for requests, DLLs bundled in the package.
Version Alpha 2 - 2016-09-30:
- Removed DLL requirements for CURL and pthread.
Version Alpha 1 - 2016-09-27: 
- First version published.