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PP_BACOCounter: a mysterious registry value Google knows nothing about. I was trying to compare the registry with a second monitor plugged on and off (I want to try to fake the second one permanently plugged). It is related to the Radeon Drivers.

The real names of the Watchtowers of the Seal in Lufia 2: the names in the SNES port are Shuman (シュマン), Strahda (ストラーダ) and Kamirno (カミーノ). To Romance language natives, the last two give away it's something related to street (Strada) and way (Camiño). If my French was any good I would see that Shuman is just Chemin.

Lista de podres do: a expressão não é muito comum mas cabia um compilado das dignas figuras. Nem a do bolorilo retorna alguma coisa. "lista de podres do lula", "lista de podres do pt", "lista de podres do psol","lista de podres do supremo", "lista de podres do stf", "lista de podres dos comunistas","lista de podres do bolsonaro"