DWORD WINAPI MidiRemoveTrackEvents
	HANDLE hSequence, 
	WORD wTrack, 
	QWORD qwFirst, 
	QWORD qwLast, 
	DWORD dwFormat

This function removes the events inside the specified range from a track.


Return values

Returns the new number of events of the sequence or zero if an error occurred. The reasons for an error are an invalid sequence handle, an invalid track index or an invalid event range or range format.


MidiRemoveTrackEvents may be slow. Try to reduce its utilization. The example below shows two ways of truncating a track:


HANDLE Sequence;

// Slower method
MidiOpen("test1.mid", NO_DEVICE, &Sequence);
MidiRemoveTrackEvents(Sequence, 0, 0, MidiTrackGet(Sequence, 0, EVENT_COUNT)-1, MIDI_INDEX);

// Faster method
MidiOpen("test1.mid", NO_DEVICE, &Sequence);
MidiRemoveTrack(Sequence, 0);
MidiInsertTrack(Sequence, 0);

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