HANDLE hSequence, 
	WORD wTrack, 
	DWORD dwWhat, 
	QWORD qwValue

This function sets properties of a track.


Return values

Returns the previous value of the track property or BRELS_ERROR (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) if an error occurred. The reasons for an error are an invalid sequence handle, an invalid track index, an invalid property constant or an invalid property value.


The following table lists the properties you can set using MidiTrackSet:

CURRENT_EVENTIndex of the event of track to be played
TRACK_MUTEIf set to TRUE, notes will not be played in the track
TRACK_INDEXIndex of the track. If you set it, the tracks of the involved indexes change places

The following example toggles the muted state of a track:


BOOL ToggleMute(HANDLE Sequence, WORD wTrack)
	BOOL Previous;

	Previous = MidiTrackGet(Sequence, wTrack, TRACK_MUTE);
	MidiTrackSet(Sequence, wTrack, TRACK_MUTE, !Previous);

	return Previous;

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