BRELS MIDI Editor - A free, open-source, old-school MIDI editor

Developed in 2004, BRELS MIDI Editor is a free, open-source (licensed under the GNU GPL) MIDI editor able to create and edit MIDI files with a simple, straightforward interface. The saved files have the smallest size possible. Their entire content is editable onscreen and the exact composition length is shown and controllable by the program. Yet, preexistent files can be cleaned and filtered, removing garbage and embedded malformations made by other tools.

The program presents a minimalist interface, from its installation, which just requires the extraction of the 7zip/ZIP/RAR file without any modification to the system, to its commands, all shown onscreen, without menus or indirect paths.

The source can be compiled with GCC with Strict ISO C options (-Wall, -pedantic and many others), preferrably in an IDE like Eclipse, to which it can be imported. You can use its internal API to incorporate MIDI funcionality in a Windows C application. You can read documentation of that API here (the text is quite ancient, has typos and is outdated regarding licensing). Check what's new in v0.08 in version history below the screenshot.

I recommend using the editor to make high quality and royalty free music, which is in severe shortage on the web due to the copynoia. If you have such works made with the editor or otherwise, I'll be glad to link to it.

BRELS MIDI Editor download (v0.08)

BRELS MIDI Editor screenshot.

Version 0.08: April 23rd, 2011
- Code is GPL'ed from now on.
- Added a short wait in the main thread to avoid 100% CPU usage when idle.
- Dropped Code::Blocks project files
- Code yet again reformatted for stricter compile warnings (check gcc_compile_params.txt)

Version 0.07: April 10th, 2010
- Adapted for Eclipse
- Code reformatted for Strict ISO C with no warnings
- DLL incorporated into the application
- MidiDec incorporated into the application
- Fixed the memory bugs which crashed the application on Windows 7 when pasting notes.
- Fixed the channel bug when pasting notes or moving an instrument/program definition.

Version 0.06: March 29th, 2010
- Adapted for MingW and Code::Blocks

Version 0.05: July 11th, 2004
- Fixed the file "tips.txt"

Version 0.04: April 15th, 2004

Updated 0.03: February 29th, 2004

Version 0.03: November 22nd, 2003

Version 0.02: September 12th, 2003 (Implemented the custom InputBox)

Started 0.01: August 28th, 2003 (BRELS MIDI Decoder)

Started 0.01: August 15th, 2003 (BRELS MIDI Editor)

Started 0.01: July 13h, 2003 (BRELS MIDI API)