DWORD dwDevice, 
	WORD wBeatSize, 
	LPHANDLE lphSequence

This function creates a new, empty MIDI sequence.


Return values

TRUE if the sequence was created or FALSE if not. The reasons for an error are a busy midiOut device, an invalid beat size or an invalid pointer for the handle.


Use NO_DEVICE (0xFFFFFFFE) to create a sequence not using any device. Use the smallest necessary beat size for your application. The BRELS MIDI Editor, for example, uses a beat size of 16.

The sequence created with MidiCreate is just like any other open with MidiOpen, so you must close it with MidiClose when it is not necessary anymore. After you fill the sequence with events, do playback operations normally with MidiPlay, MidiPause and MidiStop, or even MidiNext.


HANDLE Sequence;

// Creates the sequence
MidiCreate(DEFAULT_DEVICE, 16, &Sequence);

// Appends a track
MidiInsertTrack(Sequence, MidiGet(Sequence, TRACK_COUNT));

// Saves the sequence
MidiEncode(Sequence, "test2.mid", TRUE);

// Finishes

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