HANDLE hSequence, 
	LPSTR lpstrFile, 
	BOOL OverWrite

This function saves the sequence as a normal, compatible MIDI file.


Return values

TRUE if the sequence was saved or FALSE if not. The reasons for an error are an invalid handle, an invalid file name or a an existing file without OverWrite set to TRUE.


The sequence must have been open by MidiOpen or created by MidiCreate before to be encoded.

Some elements provided by the BRELS MIDI API, such as tags in the events or loopings, are not saved by MidiEncode, since they are not part of the MIDI Specification. If you need to use these features for future access, you have to turn them on again when loading the sequence with MidiOpen. Another solution is to create your own file format for a sequence project and use MidiEncode to export the final sequence.


HANDLE Sequence;

// Creates the sequence
MidiCreate(DEFAULT_DEVICE, 16, &Sequence);

// Appends a track
MidiInsertTrack(Sequence, MidiGet(Sequence, TRACK_COUNT));

// Saves the sequence
MidiEncode(Sequence, "test2.mid", TRUE);

// Finishes

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